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I manage a hospital. What can Compass do for me?

Whether it is through the development of a new service, effective management of an existing service, or professional consultation, Compass can work with you in developing a strategy to increase your utilization and positively affect your bottom line.

Our hospital has a psychiatric distinct part unit that is not performing well. Can Compass Health assist with reviving existing units?

Yes, and we have. Within a short period, Compass was able to increase utilization at one facility by 100% and increase the number of discharges at a different facility by 46%.

We manage our own distinct part unit, but we have not been pleased with our utilization. Do you provide other services besides complete management?

Yes. Compass can conduct an assessment of your current system, and through consultation, assist you with performance improvement. Marketing services can be provided as a complement to the existing management. We can provide our own team of professionals or train existing staff.

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For more information regarding Compass Health’s management services, call us at 1-337-788-3330 (ext. 137) for more information.

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Compass Health offers a complete range of management services throughout the state of Louisiana.  Visit our locations page to find home office.

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Compassion in Practice

“They are honest and aboveboard in delivering quality patient care.”

– Psychiatrist

“Compass values people. This is reflected in their patient care as well as their management approach. It’s a pleasure working with them.”

– Psychiatrist 

“They are honest and aboveboard in delivering quality patient care.”

– Psychiatrist

“This program has really made a difference in my life. When I felt like I had nowhere to turn my doctor sent me here and they helped me find hope.”

- Compass Client

“The professionalism, dedication and hard work displayed by the team have decreased our ED throughput times and have provided us with the opportunity to extend our healing ministry and serve those most in need.”

-Partner Hospital ED Director

Accessible Care at Any Time.

Compass Health’s 24-hour call center serves as a single point of entry for guidance and access anytime. Our clinical team works around the clock to connect individuals to psychiatric care.

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